SEN Plus LV switchgear solutions

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The SEN Plus system has been designed from the outset based on customer requirements. The result is a product that offers unrivalled flexibility and user safety, backed up by comprehensive testing and support for many applications.

SEN Plus system can meet the most demanding requirements, from high current applications up to 7600A, down to motor control applications for a few kW. Furthermore, the system is available in different configurations, which include:

  • Fixed, plug-in, withdraw able
  • Front or rear access
  • Distribution
  • Motor control

Technical data

Mechanical data

Dimensions (mm):

Height 2000 / 2200

Depth 600 / 800 / 1200

Width 400 / 500 / 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400

Degree of protection IP30 / IP41 / IP42 / IP54

Form of internal separation up to Form 4b

Color RAL 7035



Type tested IEC/EN 61439-2

Internal arc tests IEC/TR 61641

Seismic withstand UBC

Marine certification ABS

Electrical data

Rated operational voltage Ue 690V AC / 600V DC

Rated frequence f 50 / 60Hz

Rated impulse voltage / Overvoltage category Uimp 8kV / III

Rated current horizontal busbars up to 7600A

Rated current vertical busbars up to 2700A

Peak withstand current - horizontal busbars (Ipk) up to 220kA

Short time withstand current - horizontal busbars (Icw) up to 100kA-1s / 50kA-3s


  • The combination of SEN Plus and the new EntelliGuard™ air circuit breaker excels in terms of safety – both for personnel as well as system protection. The switchboard has been independently tested to IEC 61439. With a short-circuit fault withstand rating up to 100kA the system is equipped to deal with large faults. Compartmentalization of the functional areas will help to reduce the risk of accidental contact to live parts during maintenance and operations. To ensure the highest operator protection additional tests have been performed, verifying the resistance against arc flash events.

Complete system control

  • Miniature, molded case and air circuit Breakers
  • Fuses and switch disconnections
  • Variable speed drives and contactors
  • Intelligent motor management solutions

Communication and control increasingly forms part of a system – data exchange via Profibus or Modbus is available for most components, to ensure a homogeneous setup. SEN Plus complies with following international standards and is tested at independent test bodies e.g. IPH, KEMA/DEKRA, ABS etc.

Type tests

• IEC 61439-2 Low-voltage switchgear and control assemblies-Part 2: Power switchgear

and controlgear assemblies.

* The modified and updated standard released by International Electrical Committee in

2009, based on IEC 60439 standard.

• GB7251.1-2005 Low-voltage switchgear and control assemblies-Part 1: Type-tested and

partially type-tested assemblies.

* Type test includes: verification of temperature-rise limits, dielectric properties, short-circuit

withstand strength, effectiveness of the protective circuit, clearances and creepage

distances, mechanical operation, degree of protection.

Special tests

• IEC 60068-2-57 Environment testing-Part 2-57:Test Ff: Vibration-Time history method.

* Seismic vibration environment test, in horizontal and vertical direction.

• IEC/TR 61641 : 2008-01 Enclosed low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies -

Guide for testing under conditions of arcing due to internal fault.

*International arcing fault protection standard.

• IEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures.

*Define IP numbers used to quantify the degree of protection provided by enclosures.

• IEC 60068-2-30 Defining resistance to damp and heat.

*Wet Heat, 6 cycle with 24 h, 40°C, 95 % rel. humidity.

• IEC 60068-2-11 Defining resistance to salt mist.

*Salt fork, 2 cycle with 24 h, 35°C.

• ABS certified for marine vessels or facilities.