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Our Energy comes from the professionalism and dedication to our job, to benefit our customers, employees and vendors. At Senergy Electric, we are committed to do our best to meet and exceed all goals we set.

The quality of our work shows in our direct contact with our CUSTOMERS. We maintain open communication channels throughout the production process, to guarantee customer satisfaction and to meet their needs and requirements.

Motivating our EMPLOYEES and fostering an excellent working environment is fundamental for a superb customer service. We provide fast results with high quality due to our efficient workflow.

The support of our suppliers, our strategic alliances with high-tech companies and direct relationship with our customers are the reason for our success. Alongside them, we work in order to meet and exceed our goals, ensuring the growth of our relationship and expanding our businesses.

In Senergy Electric, we have presence in three countries: USA, Venezuela and Colombia, to ensure quick and effective solutions closer to our customers.